Team building at Skadar Lake organized by SIP Travel agency.

Team building creates stronger bonds among the members of a group. The individual members respect each other and their differences and share common goals and expectations.

This time we decided to visit Skadar Lake, the largest lake in Montenegro and the Balkan peninsula as well, with an area of 369.7  of which 221.8  belongs to Montenegro and 147.9  to Albania.

Rich histrory and ecosystem that you can find here.

Lake is full of islands and peninsulas rich for its history and cultural heritage such as Žabljak (Zabljak – c) the capital of former Zeta, Lesendro fortress located on the rock in the middle of the lake, Grmožur fortress (Grmozur) and many more. Clean water and preserved ambience enabled the development of incredibly rich ecosystem. Interesting thing is that Skadar Lake represents the only pelican habitat in the southern Europe.

On the coast there is a small town named Rijeka Crnojevića (Crnojevica River). Nearby you can see the remainings of the town Obod, the place where printing house was located, in which in 1494. the book Oktoih was printed also known as the first book that was printed in this part of Europe.

There would be much more to say about Skadar Lake and its history, about the Crnojević (Crnojevic) and Balšić (Balsic) dinasty who in the medieval times have built a lot of churches and monasterys.

When we talk about ecosystem especially about flora, Skadar lake is characterized by numerous mediterranean and continental species. Flora has more than 25 rare and endemic species. According to the new research and studies in Skadar lake there are even 930 species of algae and its different forms. Of that number, 246 algae are new in this lake, and 135 of them are very rare in the world.

In Skadar Lake can be found 50 species of fish. Skadar Lake is habitat for 280 species of birds and some of them are on the list of endangered species. Apart from being a permanent habitat for certain species of birds, Lake Skadar is only a temporary stop for some species during their migration from Central and Northern Europe to Africa. Lake Skadar is suitable for this precisely because it lies in the area where large zoogeographical areas meet (the Arctic regions, the Mediterranean and North Africa) and because the average water temperature in the lake during the summer is 22 °C, and during the winter the temperature does not drop below 11 degrees.

Rijeka Crnojevića has a couple of restaurants where you can try national food, escpecially fish from which the most famous would be carp (montenegrin – krap) and bleak (montenegrin – ukljeva).

Anyway story cannot tell enoug until you see the beauty of it.

As we had plenty of time, we decided to take a lunch break at Njeguši (Njegusi) village which belongs to Cetinje Municipality (the former royal capital of Montenegro). We had lunch in a very friendly restaurant named Bastadur. Everywhere around you can see small souvenir shops where you can buy domestic honey, smoked ham ,cheese in oil etc.

You cannot visit Njeguši without first visiting  Njegoš’s birthplace  (Njegos – Prince-Bishop of Montenegro). Here is the perfect opportunity to see the appeariance of wealthy Montenegrin house that dates from the beginning of the  century. Also your attention will be attracted by numerous ethnographic material and examples of craft weapons, as well as art and other material.

Return to Tivat we did via serpetines with breathtaking view on Boka bay which represents old road that leads to Kotor.

Now when you know little something about Skadar Lake, this should be on the list of ,,Must see in Montenegro”. Instead of doing team building it is a pefect opportunity to do a group tour or just a family trip. You will be able to choose between different lake tours. One of our favourite was Amazon trip. Especially ladies will be impressed by beautiful and coloful water lilys all around the lake, and will get a little souvenir – water lily necklace made by a local guide.

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