Team building at Skadar Lake…

Team building at Skadar Lake organized by SIP Travel agency. Team building creates stronger bonds among the members of a group. The individual members respect each other and their differences and share common goals and expectations. This time we decided to visit Skadar Lake, the largest lake in Montenegro and the Balkan peninsula as well, […]

DAILY EXCURSIONS FROM TIVAT 03.10. – 09.10.2022.

TARA RIVER RAFTING 📅 03.10.2022. DUBROVNIK 📅 03.10.2022. SKADAR LAKE 📅 04.10.2022. MONTENEGRO CANYONS 📅 05.10.2022. DUBROVNIK 📅 05.10.2022. OSTROG MONASTERY 📅 05.10.2022. OSTROG MONASTERY 📅 07.10.2022. MONTENEGRO TOUR 📅 07.10.2022. DUBROVNIK 📅 07.10.2022. TARA RIVER RAFTING 📅 07.10.2022. TREBINJE 📅 08.10.2022. OSTROG MONASTERY 📅 09.10.2022. MINI MONTENEGRO TOUR 📅 09.10.2022. DUBROVNIK 📅 09.10.2022.   […]

DAILY EXCURSIONS FROM TIVAT 26.09. – 02.10.2022.

TARA RIVER RAFTING 📅 26.09.2022. DUBROVNIK 📅 26.09.2022. SKADAR LAKE 📅 27.09.2022. MONTENEGRO CANYONS 📅 28.09.2022. DUBROVNIK 📅 28.09.2022. OSTROG MONASTERY 📅 28.09.2022. OSTROG MONASTERY 📅 30.09.2022. MONTENEGRO TOUR 📅 30.09.2022. DUBROVNIK 📅 30.09.2022. TARA RIVER RAFTING 📅 30.09.2022. TREBINJE 📅 01.10.2022. OSTROG MONASTERY 📅 02.10.2022. MINI MONTENEGRO TOUR 📅 02.10.2022. DUBROVNIK 📅 02.102022.   For reservations and additional informations […]


Description: The beginning of the trail is Gornja Lastva. The first kilometer follows a narrow mountain path that is a shortcut to the intersection of the roads to Stoliv, Marco’s cape (local name: Markov Rt) and Kotor. On that path, we come across the so-called “Guardians of the Forest” (local name: Čuvari šume), stone formations […]


  HIKING TOUR   Description The beginning of the trail is Gornja Lastva, through the place Orasje you go further to the church of St. Vid on the eponymous peak at 440m above sea level, which was built in 1327. Although the locals say that in fact that year it was only renovated on the […]


HIKING TOUR Three hills trail   Description: The trail starts from the Adriatic highway, just before the turnoff for Gornja Lastva. We follow Vuk’s path, towards PeruSine and then climb the old path to Orasje. Orasje is located at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. This place is also a crossroad of roads […]